Big Brother Naija Season 6 Is Here Again.

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Big Brother Naija Season 6 is here again to bring more amazing moments to our  crystal screens.

On the 24th of March,  2020; Big Brother Naija made an announcement that their audition is coming very soon.  They made guidelines for easy access to the audition known to Instagrammers.


Big Brother Naija as we all know is a partner to Dstv and Gotv,  so it was easy to bring something good to their customers.

Check What You Have To Do For Early Audition

  • First and foremost, you have to be a customer of either DSTV or GOTV  to get the chance of the first sets to be audited.
  • The second criteria is that you should 21years of age and above. 
  • You must possess a valid means of identification National ID Card  to be precise.

Being a customer of DSTV or GOTV, you must subscribe for the month of March to qualify for the audition.

After all these criteria have being met, you would forward an email containing your name, and smartcard or IUC Number to [email protected]  The #BBNaijaEarlyAccess online auditions also requires interested participants to state the reasons they choice to be audited for BBNAIJA SEASON 6. 

This Announcement Was Officially Made On Their Instagram Page


This new season of Big Brother Naija is going to be superb. To get more updates as far as BB Naija Season 6 is concerned. Join Mayor Tunes Media on our social media pages.

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