How To Increase Transfer Limit On Gtb Mobile App

How to increase transfer limit on Gtb mobile app

An average Nigerian man would definitely be bored if he needs some funds from his account only to get a message that he has reached his limit for the day. However, this is obviously going to make him depressed as might be frustrated at the same time.

But worry less, as Mayor Tunes Media would figure out the steps on how to increase transfer limit on Gtb Mobile App.


Being one of the biggest banks in Nigeria as at years back. They have introduced innovative ways of banking services to improve and let banking easier for their customers. The stress of the long process transfers has been reduced whereby making it 24/7 accessibility to funding with internet or mobile banking apps.

Before the recent changes in their daily limits; GTB maximum daily transfer limit was N1,000,000. In reference to the changes made; they increased it to N3,000,000. What a nice improvement… It is definitely going to save their customers a whole lot of stress and would also benefit those who ventured into a large scale business that requires them to do a lot of transaction daily.

Now their daily limits go thus:

  • Daily Withdrawal Limit [ATM] N150,000
  • ATM Transfer Abroad – $300 – +Charges of N1200
  • GTBank Transfer limit to other banks – N200,000

How To Increase Transfer Limit On Gtb Mobile App






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