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I Have Thanked A Fan Who Slapped Me In The Past – says Lateef Adedimeji

Fast-rising talented actor, Lateef Adedimeji flashed back about how a fan slapped him out of excitement.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Scoop, Adedimeji said that the female fan who was excited to meet him, gave him a slap and he was very surprised. He said although he was initially angry, but he later thanked her.

He said “Out of excitement, a fan suddenly gave me a ‘hot’ slap. She said, ‘Oh my God! Lateef Adedimeji’. I moved back in anger and saw her smiling. I just had to say ‘thank you’. I had smile by force, by fire. Things like that happen. We just have to manage them because they are out of love. We cannot push them away.”

He said; “It has not been easy (staying out of drama) because as actors, we lead two lives. Our lives on movie sets are quite different from our lives as normal people. However, a lot of our fans don’t even understand that.

They mix up the two. I like to keep my things private and do things on my own. When it’s time for the public to know what I am doing, they will surely know. It has not been easy but I am someone who likes to be careful. However, despite my carefulness, I still have to go through a lot of things. To an extent, I have been managing things with God on my side.”

Adedimeji clarified that actors do live two different lives. He said speaking Igbo Accent in some films, was just to make him stand out from others.

Speaking about how he started and flourished the speaking in Igbo Accent, he said

“While I was at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, I was involved in stand-up comedy but at a point, I left it. However, one day, I had to act with some A-list actors and we were to speak Yoruba. I then asked myself, ‘How would I be able to stand out among them’? I had to speak to the director, asking him if I could speak another ‘version’ of Yoruba. He agreed and since then all I had to do was to develop it more. 

This movie actor also stated that any celebrity who is not sure of what made him/her stand out for can be easily faded away by the expectation of the fans.

If care is not taken and one does not know oneself or what one stands for, one would follow the crowd and lose being oneself. The worst thing in life is for one to lose oneself trying to impress other people. No matter the circumstances, one should always be oneself. Anybody who loves you would stick to you regardless.”

According to Mayor Tunes Media, being a celebrity is something quite hard to adhere to. Though the fame would come and it’s either you would be known nationally or internationally. But at times fame without money is nothing, because in the sense that when a person wishes to help you, the perspective of you being famous would make them think you have made it in life. The celebrity lifestyle is a course itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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