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{REVIEWS} Oladips – Mainland to Island EP with Zlatan, Is It A Soul Reviving Song or a Soul Dying Song

Oladips have been the most underrated rapper in the music industry right from time.

Dips tend to be a very talented masterpiece in terms of rapping. He began to gain more insights from online users in and out Nigeria, when he did a cover of Drake and Trey Song. He was just seventeen years old at that time. Oladip’s great vocal in rapping made him gained recognition from EDGE Record, and he was signed without much ado. Before Oladips cooked up this jam Zlatan, he passed through many challenges both in life and in the industry. Few of the challenges passed through by Oladips would be vividly explain in this article:-


Oladips get signed to EDGE Record Label, a label owned by Reminisce in the year 2018. He released many songs under the management of this label. Oladips released a track that turned jam titled ‘Lalakukulala’. This particular song trended and got millions of streams on all digital platforms. But, was this favourable for Oladips back then, or he was just enduring.

On the 1st of July, 2019, Oladips left EDGE Record Label alongside releasing a song title ‘MayBe’. MayBe happened to be song that explained few of what Oladips was facing in the industry back then.

In the track he explained that he wanted to do music personally for passion and the culture before he was signed. He said ‘When I was doing it for passion and the culture’, in one of his lines in the track. Oladips dropped out of school right from SS2 {Senior Secondary School 2}, in which he blamed himself for doing in the track. He said ‘maybe I should have being in school’ but music caught me’.

Note: Oladips dropping out of SS2 doesn’t make his grammars quack, if you are addicted to his music, you would observe that he speaks good and correct English.

According to the lyrics of MayBe, it is obvious that Oladips was down in the record label then. He said ‘Ever since I have left the record label, have being in my right senses’. Talking from my own perspective, I think if Oladips doesn’t leave the label with all what he was facing then, he would have committed suicide. Dips committing suicide under EDGE Record Label management would also become another problem for Reminisce. Ola also passed a message to upcoming artistes, that they should be slow and steady in signing record label deals.

This is just an excerpt from the story of Oladips and EDGE Record Label

Without much ado, lets hover to the main context of this article,

Oladips – Mainland to Island EP with Zlatan, Is It A Soul Reviving Song or a Soul Dying Song

Mainland to Island is a 4-tracker EP. Oladips worked with top – notch music producers for the success of this project. Dips going harder with his bars in this project are not news to me anymore because that is what he is made of. Dips had always being a Raplord for long.


Mainland To Island

This track was produced by serial hit maker, P.Prime.

‘Oladips implore me to quit football for music’ – Zlatan.

Dips being a rapper and a talented act should also be applauded for summoning Zlatan to indulge into music. Oladips and Zlatan career is slightly related to the issue of Lil Frosh and Zinoleesky, you know Lil Frosh also told Zino to indulge into music. And they are all doing fine.

Thinking of their life back in the hood, when they were still broke guys. Dips and Zlatan used their history in making bars for this dope track. Mainland To Island implies how Oladips moved from a Gateway State to a Centre of Excellency to link with his hood brother, Zlatan. Ola’s management should be appraised for making this particular track, the first on the list because it serves as a catchy intro for the remaining tracks in the E.P.



Track  2 was produced by Serial Beat *& Hit Maker, Mansa Jabulani

‘Any music produced by Mansa Jabulani is always a vibe’ – Mayor Tunes Media

Halleluyah serves like an appreciation hymn for this lyrical duo. Track 1 explained how they suffered a lot in the hood, while Track 2 was used as medium of appreciation. Halleluyah was recorded just like a gospel form of music.



As a nigga, clubbing is allowed.

Zaddy is in form of finding or hunting for love.

Track 1 was used to explain their challenges; track 2 was used for thank God.

Track 3 was used to flex and club. Kudos to Oladips for this professional arrangement of his ep.



Oladips used this track to ask God for consistency.

It is very rare; for someone to pass all these challenges Dips had faced and still remain in the music industry.

He regret being signed to EDGE Record Label, but the deed have being done.

He also layed more emphasizes on the fact that, upcoming artistes should be slow and steady in signing record label deals.



Track 1 – Mainland To Island {Sharing Their Past Challenges}

Track 2 – Halleluyah {Thanking God they triumph over their challenges}

Track 3 – Zaddy { It was used as a means of being happy and in celebration mood}

Track 4 – Consistency { Zlatan and Dips used this track as a means of new energy activated; especially for Oladips}


Let’s hear from you👇, does this EP means Oladips is going to be more hotter than before.


Oladips – Mainland to Island EP with Zlatan, Is It A Soul Reviving Song or a Soul Dying Song. Lets See You In The Comment Section.





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