Ryder ft Lampard – Vampire Mp3 Download

All the Premier League clubs involved have pulled out, is the Super League coming to an end?

Nigerian talented musician, Ryder ft Lampard to drop a hard core music.

The outcome of their collaboration was titled Vampire. This song talks about is currently happening in the society at large.

Ryder ft Lampard is one the great track in the realm of the upcoming stars presently.


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Uuuh Uh-huh uh-huh

Uuuh Uh-huh uh-huh
No-one believe you when you gat nothin to prove
No-one go love you when you gat nothing to give
No-one go help you when them no say nothing to gain,
no one go help you on your way to the top

I say the mah Vampires

Fake smile
Fake friends

I say the mah vampires

Some they reason anyhow.
I say some mah vampires

Fake smile
Fake friends
They mah vampires,

They go pull your down fall
I say they mah vampire, they mah vampire

Everybody wanna collect no body wanna give
They shade same tree they all really wanna eat, sheet on same plate you give them food to eat,
but they hate you when you gat nothing to give.
blood on my head they still ask me where is the wound.
Givers never lack make them take me as a fool
Alleluia to Jah who never let me down.
I tak them as my gee’s but they sold me to my enemies and shared the money to their G’s
Fake smile fake friends all they gat is hate.
Rest in peace to my mama who lost her life due to hate
Is so essential why money have to be made, why power have to be gain, I’m still on top of the game……. So I’m still on top of the game.

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