S*X Work Should Be Legalized, Tribal Mark Model Speaks Out

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Nigerian fast rising model, Adetutu OJ gained fame for her being a model with facial tribal marks.

Adetutu OJ Alabi was born in November 11,1988 to a polygamous family. The seventh day she was born, she was given a tribal marks on both sides of the cheeks as a family tradition and continuous practice of the African traditions.

She expressed her feelings for being an online sex worker in an exclusive online chat with Linda Ikeji.

She said the reason why she engaged in this act, was that whenever she needs help from people, all what they demand is sex. Further more, she explained that instead of her getting closed to them and having any mutual copulation, she would rather have an online video call with her nudes with them. Adetutu said that, online sex worker tends to be her side hustle for now.

Alabi said she doesn’t see no harm in it because she is just helping some men with their sexual urge even without getting close to them.

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